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Hey everyone! Sorry for not being active due to college papers and all. Since I have some free time now, I decide to check up on my old websites. I decided to clean them up a bit so people could use it ^-^ I would also like to introduce admin Fawx. He will work together with me for the time being to polish the forums up. Thank god I have some help x3 If you would like to help out too, please contact me at pokemonfanclubs@mailhaven.com


 Hello! I'm new, duh (lol) =^_^= ♥♥

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Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ Empty
PostSubject: Hello! I'm new, duh (lol) =^_^= ♥♥   Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 4:42 am

Hey, I was browsing google for some Pokemon forums, and I found this cute little site xD! So I'd just like to introduce myself. I have a Chatango account, where I'm also known as suprasparkyninja. That about wraps it up(I know, pretty pathetic for a first post, but I'm eager to see how the rest of the site runs). Byebye, hope to get to know you all better! growlie

(edit - P.S.- Can someone be my friend? On my profile it says I have no friends and that makes me feel like a loser! =] ) Butterfree
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Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello! I'm new, duh (lol) =^_^= ♥♥   Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ EmptySat Jan 22, 2011 7:00 pm

hey, have fun at this site. you can add me if you want
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Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ Empty
PostSubject: Hello   Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ EmptySun Feb 13, 2011 7:36 pm

I hope we get to have a chance to know each other better! <3

"Always aim high :]"

Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ 61x50s5
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Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello! I'm new, duh (lol) =^_^= ♥♥   Hello! I'm new, duh (lol)  =^_^=  ♥♥ Empty

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Hello! I'm new, duh (lol) =^_^= ♥♥
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